Panties Care - Laundering Instructions

We recommend hand wash using cold water with a mild detergent and air dry.
Hand washes only
Do not dry-clean
Cold water wash
Do not tumble dry
Do not wring
Dry flat in the shade
Absolutely no bleaching
Do not iron
How should I take care of my panties purchased from Do-Express?
A cold water wash will reduce fading.
Use a mild detergent.
Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
The heat and agitation from tumble dryer damage the color and printings. So, hang or lay flat to dry.
Absolutely do not iron because the intense heat can destroy the color and printing on your panty.
If hang dry, use a wooden clothes peg. Do not use a plastic peg, its 'teeth' may leave an un-recoverable dent or mark on the printings and fabric.
To better protect the color and printing on your panty during washing, turn panty inside-out.
What else should I know?
If ever a question on how to care for your panties from Do-Express, please contact our Customer Service, We would be happy to assist you.