about us
Business Idea:
Helps users demonstrate their unique and personalized preferences. Provides users a free space to play and create their own design. Users become their own designers. Do-Express gives what you exactly like.
Product Overview:
Cleverly selecting right fabrics and technology, Do-Express allows users to enjoy the same privileges that fashion designers have in making fashion items, produced at a small quantity for fashion shows.
Product Concept:
We generate a production skill which allows users to do some work on the fashion product, which Do-Express refers it as "your color, your work". It also allows users to include a personal theme in the fashion item, featured by iSay and iBrand. We believe fashion products possessing a personal theme will be a future trend in fashion. You may have words utilizing our iSay platform or show a brand, your name or a nickname, on your fashion items, using our iBrand webpage. To complement your own design, our team created a wide variety of background options. At Do-Express, users may easily find their best choice of expressing regards, care and love to special persons.
Our Team:
Our professional product development department and design artists are constantly searching for what you may want. The experienced technical and production staff will fabricate to the user's specifications. Ultimately, our entire team will greatly satisfy your demand.

Do-Express.com is a subsidiary of Total-Republic Co., a California-based company.